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    STIROLAB d.o.o.

    Kraska ulica 2

    +386 57 3135-70

    OF EPS, XPS, PUR, Sandwich panels... ES. Line of tensile and stiffness testing apparatuses Standards: EN 13163, EN 13162 EN 826, EN 1607, EN 12089, EN 12090 EN 14509 paragraphs A1, A2, A3 The ES model range is suited for testing mechanical properties of insulating materials. It is an universal testing apparatus for both tensile and pressure testing. Its power-train is a servo motor, which provides smooth vertical travel and high precision crosshead positioning. All models are equipped as standard with the appropriate accessories for the following tests: EN 826 – Compression test EN 1607 – Tensile test EN 12089 – Bending test EN 12090 – Shear test EN 14509 paragraphs A1, A2, A3 All models are class 1 products in accordance with EN7500, which means that the error in measurement force is ±0.5% of the measurement area, which is adequate for all standardized testing. Upon request, the sensitivity of force measurement can be increased to ±0.1%. The accuracy of the deformation is ±0.01 mm. , upon request it can be upgraded to ±0.001 mm.



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